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Geekplay AR Gun is the companion app for Geekplay AR Gun series. Simply pair this carefully-developed app with your AR Gun, and in just a moment, you can turn your garden, bedroom, and living room into a battleground!

The Elite
The Insurgent II
The Insurgent
The Guardian
Compatible Models
The More, The Merrier

Since Oct 2016, the Geekplay AR Gun app has been updated to over 16 games, starting from just 1 AR game.

Two main categories of games included:

AR game - Aircraft Shooter, Space Shooter, Let’s fish, etc., Non-AR game - Battle City, The Walkers, Agent G, etc.,

This Is Geekplay AR Gun

Connected via Bluetooth, featured in AR (Augmented Reality), Available for iOS and Android, blablabla, check out the features of this app.

App name
Geekplay AR Gun
Geekplay Technology Co., Ltd
Chinese | English | Japanese | Italian | Spanish
German | Russian | Korean | Portuguese.
System Requirements
Android 4.4 & Above;
With Gyroscope 1
iOS 7.0 & Above
Typical Models
▪Samsung Galaxy S5 & Above
▪Huawei Honor 8 / Nova & Above
▪Nexus 5 & Above
iPhone 5S & Above
Every Game Has Its Personality
Space Shooter
Shoot your AR Gun at the clay targets to achieve credits.
Ammo limited, it's very crucial to fire your best shot.
Aircraft Shooter
Aircrafts coming from 360 degrees around you,
aim at them and fight against them by pulling the trigger.
Battle City
Use the buttons/joystick to control the movement of your tank,
destroy those enemy tanks in each level to protect your base!
The Elite
The Insurgent II
Alien Defense
Protect your base in the outer space from those crazy aliens!
Pulling the trigger without letting go will enable combo hit.
Agent G
Agent G is facing fierce attacks from villains in City of Sins.
Various rewards and tools are provided for use. Get ready to be surprised!
The Elite
The Insurgent II
Let’s Fish
AR version of cathing fish. Fish are “swimming” around
inyour bedroom, bathroom, and even garden! Let’s Fish!
Rocket Go!
Control your rocket's flying path by pulling trigger. Be careful,
those space debris will destroy you immediately once you got hit.
Guns & Jets
Improved based on Aircraft Shooter, Guns & Jets is
an AR game with multiple battling missions.
Space Survivors
Team up with your friend, work together and shoot with tactics
to survive from multiple herds of attacking aircrafts.
Poke A Mole
Hit the little mole as many and fast as you can. Remember to aim
by gun and pull the trigger to hit instead of using a hammer!
The Walkers
Wake up in a city overrun by the walkers. Use the
weapons you have to kill those zombies and stay alive.
My War
Stop the enemies to transfer their resources.
It is the accuracy and speed that matter.
Duel of Light
Switch and flick your wand to stop the dementors to eat your soul.
No-Stick Shooter
Avoid the planets that wondering around, smash the space
debris to collect different weapons or ammos.
AR Zuma
Provides both AR option or pre-set VR option. Using the AR Gun to shoot
the balls to a proper position, you goal is to eliminate all of the balls!
Math Hunter
Practice and polish your math skill by shooting! Calculate, compare,
and shoot the bigger number to pass the math quiz in limited time.

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